Services & Specialisations

Celebrant Services:

Anthea handles funerals, memorial services, weddings and blessings of all kinds. The occasions vary from ceremonies involving one attendee to memorial services for many hundreds. In November 2021 she helped to organise the Memorial Service for the 500 people who died of Covid during the Pandemic in Brighton and Hove. She did this on behalf of the Mayor of Brighton and the Interfaith Contact Group of Brighton and Hove (IFCG). She has been Chaplain to the Mayor on a number of occasions, and Chair of the IFCG for several years.


A professional writer for many years, Anthea is happy to accept commissions to write prayers, services, poetry and prose.

Visualisation and Hypnotherapy

Anthea is a qualified hypnotherapist with 15 years’ experience of carrying out guided meditations for those with health issues. She has used hypnotherapy to help treat a wide variety of conditions and problems, including cessation of smoking, anxiety and pain. Appointments can be made via her email: